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2024 Bargaining

Bargaining Team Elections

February 19th through February 23rd, Colorado WINS members will elect state workers to serve on the bargaining team for our new Partnership Agreement.

Join the Contract Action Team

A Contract Action Team (CAT) is the support network that connects a bargaining team to the workers they're bargaining for. Click here to learn more about the CAT!

Any Colorado WINS member can join the CAT for our 2024 Partnership Agreement. Just let us know above!

What's next?

To make sure we win a strong Partnership Agreement for all state workers, we need to be active through every avenue in our union. Check out other opportunities to make your workplace stronger!

Become a Steward

Stewards are the backbone of our union. They know their jobs, they know their contract, and they're not afraid to say so! Become a Steward to make sure your coworkers' rights in the workplace are protected.


Hold Politicians Accountable

Members of our Political Committee are state employees who talk with State Legislators on behalf of their coworkers. Show politicians who makes Colorado run!