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The COWINS & CDOC State Entity Agreement lays the foundation for a Labor Management Committee where union members can meet with management about ongoing issues in CDOC. The mutual goal for our LMC is to improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency by promoting trust, fairness, and open communication between
employees and the State.

To learn more about what is being discussed in the CDOC LMC, access the meeting minutes for previous sessions below.

What issues does the CDOC LMC address?

The main issues our LMC covers are: quality services, safety, health, and recruitment & retention of staff. These issues are not exhaustive and the LMC is a site where members can be creative when identifying issues and crafting solutions.

What are issues the LMC cannot address?

In our contract with CDOC, we specifically state that the LMC will not discuss individual grievances, individual medical issues, or individual disciplinary cases. This makes sense! We should aspire to make sure the LMC addresses issues that affect large numbers of state employees.

What does an LMC member do?

Members represent coworkers in their workplaces, department, and union. They have been elected to improve the working conditions for CDOC workers. The committee will be composed of equal numbers of management (chosen by CDOC) and employees (elected by COWINS members) not to exceed a total of 18 individuals.


Meet the folks who members elected to advocate for CDOC workers in meetings with management.