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Colorado Workers for Innovative and New Solutions (WINS) is a union representing more than 26,000 state employees who work to ensure our quality of life in communities in every corner of our state. Black or White, Asian or Latine, local or newcomer, we make the way for quality essential services to everyone.

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Activate Your Membership

The first step to building our power as workers is to join together in our union. Activate your union membership here!

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Attend a Union Orientation

New Member Orientations are hosted monthly on Zoom, and cover our union's history, what we've won, and where we're going next.

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Join the Community

Our Facebook Group for state workers is a great place to connect with your fellow union members!

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Share Your Story

The public needs to hear from state workers, and nobody can describe your workplace better than you. If you're facing workplace challenges, enforcing the contract, or doing other things to build up your union, share it here!


Nominate a Union Steward

Union Stewards enforce our contract and ensure workers are treated fairly. Know someone who's up to the task? Nominate them here!

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Hold Politicians Accountable

Our Political Committee vets candidates, helps elect pro-worker politicians, and holds them accountable once in office.

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Get Creative

The Colorado WINS Design Collective gives members the opportunity to share their creative skills with fellow members. If you write, draw, sing, or anything else, check it out!

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Colorado AFRAM Chapter

AFRAM is a caucus for union members of African descent to connect with each other and grow their leadership skills.

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