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CDOC Case Managers fixed their new pay scales! Learn how they got it done.

January 13, 2023

Late last year, CDOC Case Managers identified that the state had designated their pay scale incorrectly. Thanks to their organizing efforts, they’ve found a solution!

Late last year, CDOC Case Managers identified that the state had placed them into a Sergeant level pay scale rather than the Lieutenant level pay scale, where they had been historically compensated.

Case Managers around the state came together to discuss the problem and find solutions. They decided to band together with a petition to the Department of Personnel and Administration (DPA) demanding the error be corrected. Their petition requested a meeting with DPA, and a restoration to the correct pay scale. In just four days, 75 percent of Case Managers signed the petition; many also became Colorado WINS members to build their power further.

Thursday, January 12, Case Managers Dana Mueller and Jean-Luc Malebranche met with officials in the DPA in hopes of resolving the matter. Here’s what they had to say about their results:

"We had a very positive meeting with DPA regarding the Case Managers' pay scale," said Mueller. "They agreed with Jean-Luc Malebranche that there had been an error in making the Case Manager job a Sergeant level position with regards to pay. They decided to grant our request to restore the pay scale to that of a Lieutenant. It's in the process of being approved!"

Though Case Managers faced challenging odds, their speedy organizing, and willingness to join together with one voice served them well."This is an exciting example of what workers can do when we stand together and present a solution to solve problems at work," Mueller added.