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Colorado WINS on Biden Administration’s Student Debt Discharge

August 26, 2022

Denver, CO—Colorado WINS, the union representing over 23,000 state employees issued the following statement after the Biden administration made key decisions on student debt:

“President Biden’s announcement to relieve millions of Americans of their crushing loan burden will change countless lives. The vast majority of our nation’s borrowers will see relief and those who are struggling the most will benefit the most. We also applaud his decision to continue to pause loan payments.

These decisions will help working people put food on the table and afford the necessities as the cost of living rapidly rises in our nation.

We want to be clear - this announcement happened because thousands of people showed up to the polls and voted to elect a leader who would prioritize us - not wealthy corporations and the interest of billionaires.

By canceling student debt for millions of Americans, we’ve shown that the many can defeat the money – and we’re just getting started. By unleashing our power in our communities, our workplaces, and our polling booths, we will make this country a place where everyone is free to learn.

We are celebrating this victory today, but we will continue to organize and fight for a world where everyone can pursue their hopes and dreams in this world without predatory lenders or crippling debt hampering them.“