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Colorado WINS Pleased to See Lawmakers Recognize State Employees with ARP Announcement

June 1, 2021

Colorado WINS Executive Director Hilary Glasgow responds to news about the American Rescue Plan

State services were underfunded long before COVID-19 hit, but since then the pandemic has decimated budgets leaving countless state employees scrambling to do exponentially more for their fellow Coloradans devastated by the pandemic but with significantly less resources,” said Hilary Glasgow, Colorado WINS Executive Director. β€œAt the same time, we saw state employees and other essential workers put their own health and safety on the line to provide critical services for Colorado families. We are pleased to see that state lawmakers are recognizing their enormous efforts and supporting Coloradans in need by prioritizing funding from the American Rescue Plan towards state agencies and state workers. This crisis is not yet over, and state employees will be key to helping the state rebuild and recover. We hope legislators continue investing in our state workers because they will play a key role in building a stronger path forward.”