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Colorado WINS Pushes Back on DOC Retention Bonuses

October 7, 2022

Hilary Glasgow spoke with 9 News on Thursday about the need to find long-term solutions to the short staffing crisis.

State employees are doing their best inside the prison gates. They're putting in overtime, working different shifts, and going above and beyond to keep our prisons safe while the short-staffing crisis worsens. In an attempt to help, DOC management made the problem worse. They applied recruitment and retention bonuses unfairly, offering a higher sign-on bonus than a retention bonus and treating some job classes as “less than” and not rewarding everyone for their hard work. In addition to being rife with unfairness, bonuses aren’t fixing the deeper problem of keeping good people working for DOC.

We’re calling on DOC to “step it up.” We need to keep pushing on DOC to put the money where it’s most effective: long-term pay structure reform - but it’s going to take all of us fighting together. Join us! It’s critical we stand together in our union and fight back now.