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Colorado WINS Responds to Attacks in DC, Colorado

January 6, 2021

Colorado WINS Responds to Attacks in DC, Colorado

We fiercely oppose the violence and attempt to overthrow democracy happening in our nation’s capital today. What we’re seeing is an attack on our country, on our people, brought on by a president who refuses to accept that millions of us turned out to stand with and for each other and a different path forward for our country

We condemn violent attempts to overturn the results of a free and fair election. Here in Colorado we know that democracy makes the way for a state we can all thrive in.

The spectacle in DC and in our own Colorado cities is in direct opposition to the values we all hold dear as Americans: democracy, justice, and freedom for all no matter the color of our skin or the money in our pocket. Even here in our state, protests threatened state employees. The actions today reflect a misinformed mob that seeks to undermine our fight for equity.  We are grateful no one was hurt in our state.

There is nothing patriotic about overthrowing a democratic process. This is what terrorism looks like: an angry armed mob of Trump supporters inside of our Capitol, threatening our government, including the very leaders complicit in this attack. As proud members of the labor movement we will not stand for this attack against our democracy that we have fought so hard to achieve.