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Grand Junction Nurses Secure a Pivotal Victory

June 8, 2022

I became a nurse because I love caring for patients, making a personal connection with my clients, and helping those who are sick manage their pain and health. But at Grand Junction Regional Center we were stretched so thin, nurses like me couldn’t ensure proper care for our patients.

For months we were asked to take on additional duties in the medication distribution clinic without proper training or support to prevent prescription errors.

Our patients’ health and our licenses were at risk if we made a mistake, but our manager wasn’t listening to our concerns. So nurses came together through our union, Colorado WINS and came up with a plan. Together we emailed the DON to document the violation and stand up as one. And would you know, the first day we stood up together, we got what we wanted.  The DON is going to make sure we are provided proper training and help us keep our clients safe.

Together we achieved what we couldn’t do alone. When nurses at GJRC pushed back together, we won what we needed. The same day we sent that email, the nursing director asked me to resume my nursing duties immediately. Soon I’ll have proper training to help our coworkers in the MDC and the time to devote to my clients.

Stand with us. We need union stewards who can get their coworkers updates from our union and help find solutions to issues at work. Are you ready to step up? Learn more and sign up here!