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Honoring Dr. King's Legacy in our union work

January 17, 2022

Today for #MLKDay we’re continuing the fight for racial justice through our union. Dr. King believed the same things we do as Coloradans: that all of us, Black, white, and Brown, should be able to make a decent living and save for the future, do our best in our job, and give our kids a great start in life.

We’re proud to announce a new task force who will work with the state in the coming months to end wage discrimination and eliminate bias and favoritism in state jobs. This group will:

  1. Conduct a study that examines equity in pay across race, gender, and more

  2. Examine current policy and practices in state jobs so we can eliminate any bias or discrimination and improve how state employees are treated.

  3. Review of policy and practices that prevent all Coloradans from having equal access to state services.

Congratulations to members Marc Morgan (CDPHE) Diane Byrne (HCPF) Sallette Thompson (DHS), Kristi Griffith (DHS), Skip Miller (Higher Education), Jim Watson (CDOT), Carla Wood (DOC), Tanesha McQueen (DYS), Bradley Scoggin (CDLE), Sonjia Cervantes (Higher Education), Fred DeHerrera (DNR), Mariona Gates (CDLE), and Francisco Flores (Higher Education) for leading this work on the taskforce.

If you’re interested in helping us with this work, please click here. We know that when all of us join together across race and place, we can create a Colorado where we all can thrive, no exceptions.