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KKTV: Gov. Polis announces plan to raise minimum wage for state direct care workers in Colorado

November 18, 2021

Happening now! State employees and homecare providers, together in their unions, stood up in the midst of the crisis to demand change for their families, their jobs and other essential workers.

As a result, in recent weeks direct care workers won an increased minimum wage to $15 an hour and state employees negotiated their first ever union contract with the state, which included annual raises, a $15 an hour minimum wage and funding to help prevent health insurance premium increases.

After securing a provisional agreement with the state earlier in the fall, thousands of public service workers across the state voted to ratify the contract, by a near-unanimous vote.

Today, members of the bargaining team for Colorado WINS and other leaders proudly signed the contract with Governor Polis, sharing their thoughts on how this victory sets state employees, their families and communities on a more path to a more equitable and brighter future. Watch the event stream from KKTV: