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Legislative Wrap Up Includes Big Wins for State Employees

June 7, 2022

The end of the 2022 Legislative Session is here! This session lawmakers operated with a historically large budget to fund state services thanks to work by WINS members to win federal relief dollars for our state. Great work political committee!

This  meant that we were able to win big improvements for state jobs, and the services we provide. Most importantly, state employees used our power in the state house to secure 3% raises for state employees for the next three years. Finally - an “unprecedented” moment that is actually good for state workers! Read on to learn more about our victories!

What we won: Full funding for our contract!

What it means: All the provisions from our first union contract are official! That includes 3% raises for the next 3 years, $15 minimum wage for all state jobs, and protections to help prevent health insurance premium increases.

What we won: Juneteenth is a state holiday!

What it means: We won Juneteenth as a new state holiday to celebrate Black people’s freedom and resistance, and center Black people’s unique contribution to justice in our society. We know that when we all can celebrate our history, Black, white and brown, we are making the way for a Colorado that works for all of us.

What we won: Funding for EDI Taskforce

What it means: On average, Black, Latinos, and Native Americans make 13 to 18 percent less than white employees in Colorado state jobs. A final report including findings and recommendations to address pay inequities from the study will be provided to the members of the general assembly, the Governor, and to Colorado WINS. We plan to use this information to propose step raises this fall for funding in the 2023 Legislative Session.

What we won: The PERA Payback Bill

What it means: We got  $380M from the PERA Cash Fund to PERA to be invested in the fund. This amount includes the $225M payback plus a $155M pre-payment towards next year’s direct contribution making up for the missed payment in 2020.

What we won: State Employee Total Compensation Philosophy Bill

What it means: Now the issues we negotiate at the bargaining table are in our hands. We have more power at the table and don’t have to go through the legislator for approval on every detail we have in our contract.

Let’s keep the ball rolling - primary season is upon us, and Election Day will be here sooner than you think! Join our political committee to help us elect folks who will support our work - especially step raises!