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Read about our work during the election cycle!

October 31, 2020

Read about our work during the election cycle!

COWINS Postcards
We hosted a digital postcard party reminding members to check their registration and get ready to VOTE! That action resulted in 50 members writing to 2060 members about voting in this year’s election. Our beautiful card design can be modified to use post-election as well!

AFT Rally with Randi
On October 3rd we turned out members to an AFT/AFL Colorado Event where AFT’s National President Randi Weingarten and Vice President Evelyn DeJesus rallied us to a lit drop for Labor Candidates.

We sent out a questionnaire to every candidate running for office in Colorado to understand their positions on issues important to state employees, then hosted round-table with members and candidates to interview them on their responses. After this, members sent a recommendation to the executive board for endorsement. Our list of endorsed candidates received checks and COWINS publicly declared our support for 60 Labor Friendly Candidates. Check out our awesome Endorsement images here!

My Vote Is Essential
Colorado WINS did a lot of work around the national My Vote is Essential digital campaign. In total we submitted 8 worker videos to the International Campaign.

HCPF Member Cassie Geremaia spoke on a Walkout Wednesday and wrote a blog post titled Reward Workers Keeping America Going on the blog. Here is an excerpt from the post: “This election will depend on us, the same essential workers who’ve kept our nation running during this difficult time. It will depend on us to turn our country around.” Read more here.

She also helped rally national Public Division staff for a Colorado phone bank.
“… I need you to remember more than anything right now, you are essential. I know you’re not told this enough so I’m going to say it one more time – you are essential and your vote in this election is essential. My vote is essential too and it will be cast for Biden, and Colorado’s previous Democratic governor, Hickenlooper for senate, plus democrats in Colorado all the way down the page. We are the engine that will drive us out of this recession. Your vote is the great promise for a better future, so today let’s make some calls for Joe Biden and the democrats!”

COWINS member Rob Hernandez also shared that he is voting because we need elected leaders who will make America stronger. Watch his video here.

COWINS member Blair Ilsey spoke out on why her vote is essential:
“In the midst of a pandemic we find ourselves at a serious crossroads. #MyVoteIsEssential to help implement science-based policies to move us towards a happy, healthy, and prosperous future.”

Amanda White shared that “Voting is how we can bring positive changes to our community and achieve a better tomorrow” See her graphic here.

Christina Del Real encouraged her coworkers to “to vote for union endorsed candidates that will protect state jobs and services!” See her graphic here.

Brandi Axelsen authored an all member email that went out last week on Early Vote Day, to declare that her vote #MyVoteIsEssential.
“I mailed in my ballot last week and now, on early vote day, I’m doing everything I can to get my friends, families and even that neighbor who never says much to vote for our communities. DON’T LET ANYONE YOU KNOW SIT THIS ONE OUT. As a union member, I know that the best way to make change is when working people—white, Black, Asian or brown—come together and speak out for what is right. That’s why I’m voting for worker-friendly candidates up and down the ballot, starting with Joe Biden.
Check out this powerful graphic featuring Brandi as well.

We also did weekly emails for 6 weeks from Hilary to keep members informed about political volunteer opportunities and to help them stay abreast of how COWINS would be taking action each week.

On Oct. 1 we sent out 20479 emails and got 601 surveys. We sent out a 2nd round of emails that netted 476 surveys from the emails and 7 new members.

Phonebank Frenzy
Colorado WINS hosted a Phone Bank Phrenzy on October 24th to help our priority candidates in rural districts reach voters. That day we had 23 volunteers complete 35 volunteer hours making 1471 attempts, 245 voter contacts.

Spooky Facts
For Halloween week we launched a series of Spooky Facts on social media that would drive people to the bargaining survey. Field staff also passed these out at October visibility events.