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Top 10 victories for the 2021 Legislative Session

June 9, 2021

## Top 10 victories for the 2021 Legislative Session

We showed up. We fought like never before. We spoke up to make sure that state employees, our families and our communities had a voice and a brighter future. And we won. As the Colorado state legislature wraps up its legislative session, here are the Top 10 victories that Colorado WINS members won across our great state and country:

Top 10 victories for the 2021 Legislative Session

  1. Thanks in part to our efforts to get out the vote in the November election, Colorado and the country had the biggest voter turnout in history, resulting in victories for many of the elected officials who will champion our work for years to come (November 2020).
  2. Just like we elected people who will stand up for our rights up and down the ballot, we also defeated some of the key people, like former Sen. Cory Gardner, who stood against our ability to join together in a union with state employees across the state to improve our lives and get things done for working people. Bye, Cory! (January 2021)
  3. In 2021 we launched historic contract negotiations to improve wages, benefits and working conditions for state employees (January 2021).
  4. We showed up in town halls and in our communities to help support the monumental COVID vaccine roll out that is ending the pandemic across the state (February 2021).
  5. We protected our future, securing a 3% wage increase for bargaining unit members at a time when PERA costs were climbing (May 2021).
  6. We generated hundreds of calls to make sure Colorado elected leaders voted to pass the American Rescue Plan, changing the course of the pandemic and pumping $3.8 billion into Colorado to jumpstart an equitable recovery (March 2021).
  7. But we didn’t stop there -- once the funding was approved by the U.S. Congress, we showed up and spoke out to ensure that these funds would go to the Coloradans who need it most at the statewide Build Back Stronger listening sessions (April 2021).
  8. We fought and won protections for our sisters and brothers when their personal information was released just for doing their job (HB21-1107) (May 2021).
  9. We helped pass tax reform so we can invest in our communities instead of giving tax breaks to corporations through the tax fairness legislation (HB1420) (June 2021).
  10. Most importantly, as state employees, we came together and connected with one another -- across departments, regions, and landscapes -- to make a real difference in our communities, our workplaces, and our union.

One thing is remarkably clear: We aren’t done yet! We still have a long way to go to make sure Colorado is a place where people from all walks of life can prosper and thrive, no matter how long they’ve lived here, the color of their skin, or how much money is in their bank account.

But we can make that happen when we turn out for one another -- whether it’s at the ballot box, at the workplace, and on the street.

Ready to join us?

If you're a member - You can help us continue to build power with other Colorado State Employees by contributing to the COPE Fund. The COPE Fund, which stands for Committee on Political Education, is a Political Action Committee (PAC) fund used to support issues important to working families and hold politicians accountable.

If you're not yet a member - Activate your union membership today. When you become a Colorado WINS member, you’re sending a message to the state that we are united when it comes to fighting to improve benefits, wages, health and safety and the critical services we provide to Coloradans.