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Colorado WINS provides representation to individual employees according to the union’s Representation & Arbitration Policy. COWINS representatives for meetings with supervisors, human resources, appointing authorities, investigators can be expected to follow these general provisions.

What your representative can do:

What your representative cannot do:

Terms of Representation Services

  1. Represented client must respond to the representative’s communications in a timely manner. Five days without phone response or three messages without response is cause for termination of representation.
  2. COWINS staff and volunteer stewards make a good faith effort to fully and respectfully represent clients under the terms of this agreement and the Representation & Arbitration Policy. COWINS staff and volunteer stewards are not expected to subject themselves to verbal abuse, harassment, or threats from clients. Violations of this expectation or of the COWINS Code of Conduct is cause for termination of representation.
  3. A terminated client may appeal their termination for cause under item 1 or 2 of these terms to the COWINS President.

Representation Fees in SPB Cases

  1. There is a flat monthly fee for representation in Grievances pertaining to the State Personnel Board Rules. All fees for representation are waived for members in good standing at the time of the incident. The fee is $400 per month.
  2. Non-members will be invoiced each month for any fees incurred. Non-payment may be cause for termination of representation.
  3. The first month’s fee for non-members is due at the start of the representation.
  4. Fees for new members will be waived starting the month subsequent to their first dues deduction.

NOTE: The $400 fee does not cover additional costs related to representation at State Personnel Board Hearings, which are distinct from other grievance meetings related to the State Personnel Board rules.

More Info

Access further information regarding union representation.

Request Representation

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