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Steps Campaign

In 2022, COWINS Members bargained and ratified an amendment to our Partnership Agreement to implement Step Raises over the next two years. Once Step Raises are implemented, state workers will receive regularly scheduled raises based on their years in job series.

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The Pay Equity Study is here!

Article 31.2 of the Partnership Agreement created an EDI Taskforce, composed of WINS members and State leadership, to conduct a pay equity study of the state workforce.

Now, the results have been published, and indicate what many state workers already understood: long-term employees have been overlooked, and biases based on gender, ethnicity, and other factors have created inequitable gaps in pay.

Here is what's outlined in our Agreement:

Phase 1 - July 1, 2023

Phase 2 - July 1, 2024

How will Step Raises work for state employees?

With our Partnership Agreement funded by the legislature for 2023, we're already well on our way to implementing Step Raises in 2024.

July 1, 2023, in addition to a 5% ATB raise, the new pay scales for Step Raises took effect.

Same time next year, state workers will be raised to the appropriate Step based on years in job series, in addition to a 3% ATB raise.

Want more info about Step Raises?

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What's next?

Now that the Agreement for Step Raises has been ratified, and Phase 1 has been funded by the State Legislature, we need to look ahead to 2024.

Hold politicians accountable

Members of our Political Committee are state employees who talk with State Legislators on behalf of their coworkers. Show politicians who makes Colorado run!


Become a Steward

Stewards are the backbone of our union. They know their jobs, they know their contract, and they're not afraid to say so! Become a Steward to make sure your coworkers' rights in the workplace are protected.