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Steps EDU

The Step Raises that COWINS members bargained for in 2022 will compensate state workers based on their years in their current job series. Each time a worker hits a milestone year as laid out by our contract, they will be raised a guaranteed percentage based on their pay scale.

Step Raises are being implemented in a 2-Phase approach:

Phase 1 | In 2023, workers received a 5% across-the-board raise, then were raised to their new pay scale minimum if applicable.

Phase 2 | In 2024, workers will receive a 3% across-the-board raise, then be raised to their appropriate milestone step based on their time in their current job series, if applicable.

Steps Education Meetings

Transitioning an entire pay system for 24,000 state employees is a complex process. What's more, Phase 2 of Step Raises is not yet funded by the State Legislature.

To ensure the implementation of Step Raises is successful, we need to be educated on how these raises will impact our careers, families, and communities. We also need to be ready to have the conversation with our coworkers about why involvement in our union matters.

That's where Steps Education meetings come in!

Download the toolkit above to receive everything you need to host your own Steps Education meeting in your workplace! This includes facilitator's guides, a slideshow, and helpful fliers to share with your coworkers. There's even a flier you can use to advertise your meeting!

Want to give your event a boost? Fill out the form here to add your event to our calendar and receive assistance with inviting your coworkers!

Upcoming Events

What's next?

Now that the Agreement for Step Raises has been ratified, and Phase 1 has been funded by the State Legislature, we need to look ahead to 2024.

Hold politicians accountable

Members of our Political Committee are state employees who talk with State Legislators on behalf of their coworkers. Show politicians who makes Colorado run!


Become a Steward

Stewards are the backbone of our union. They know their jobs, they know their contract, and they're not afraid to say so! Become a Steward to make sure your coworkers' rights in the workplace are protected.