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Disputes and Grievances

Any employee who wants to dispute a decision that is subject to the State Personnel Board’s discretionary review process may choose whether to pursue review by the State Personnel Board, or, if the dispute alleges a violation of the Agreement, to resolve the dispute as a Partnership Agreement Dispute (PAD). Please read Article 9.1 on page 18 section of our contract to know which one is best for you.

PADs are specifically for disputing an action that violates our Partnership Agreement. If you need to file a PAD, please click here to learn more about the process and access the appropriate documents.

Grievances are for matters that aren't covered by our Partnership Agreement, and are subject to the State Personnel Board Rules. For assistance filing a grievance, contact us at

How much are dues?

Colorado WINS dues are set by the members themselves and are 1.5% of your monthly base salary (overtime is not counted into the dues percentage). This equals about 2.5 hours of work per month.

Have other questions?

For more information please contact Colorado WINS directly by emailing or calling (719) 545-0677 to talk to a staff member.

Member Benefits

Colorado state employees are covered by the Partnership Agreement regardless of their union membership status. Since members are the ones fighting and winning for all state workers, we get some perks along the way! Colorado WINS members are eligible for the benefits provided to members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).


Aflac helps with expenses health insurance doesn’t cover for members of Colorado WINS.



Members can access benefits including financial programs, scholarships, and other discounts through AFT Member Benefits.


American Income Life

American Income Life has served working class families since 1951 with life, accident, and supplemental health products. COWINS members get $2000 coverage for free through American Income Life.



Members can access benefits including financial programs, home & auto programs, and other discounts through SEIU Member Benefits.


Union Plus

Members can access Union Plus benefits through the AFL-CIO for financial programs, home & auto programs, and other discounts.



Learn more about our ongoing organizing efforts across the state! Don't see your department here? Contact to get in touch with your departmental organizer.

2024 Bargaining

Learn more about our plan to bargain a new Partnership Agreement for Colorado state workers in 2024.



Find information about the CDOC State Entity Agreement, the CDOC Labor Management Committee, and more.



Find information about our ongoing bargaining campaign for a State Entity Agreement with Colorado State University.


Human Services

Find information about the CDHS State Entity Agreement, the CDHS Labor Management Committee, and more.


Labor Management Committees

The COWINS Partnership Agreement lays the foundation for a statewide LMC, and the opportunity for departments to begin their own LMCs.



Find information about our ongoing bargaining campaign for a State Entity Agreement with DOR.


Step Raises

Learn more about how we won Step Raises for state workers, how to calculate your own Steps, and how to share this info with your coworkers!

Campaign for Steps Steps EDU

Union Contracts

In 2020, Colorado state workers won the right to collectively bargain with their employer. State employees bargained our first Partnership Agreement (union contract) with the State of Colorado less than a year later in 2021. In 2022, we reopened our contract and won Step Raises for state workers based on time in job series. Our Partnership Agreement also gave workers the power to bargain side agreements with their departments, which are ongoing as departments grow their union power!

2022 Partnership Agreement

Read the full union contract for Colorado state employees.


2022 CDHS Agreement

In 2022, on the heels of bargaining Step Raises, union members in CDHS were the first to bargain a State Entity Agreement as an addendum to our contract.


2023 CDOC Agreement

At the start of 2023, CDOC union members concluded almost a year of hard-fought bargaining to reach an agreement with the department.


2023 CSU Pueblo Agreement

At the end of 2023, CSU Pueblo members won the first State Entity Agreement for an Institute of Higher Education.


2024 CSU Fort Collins Agreement

At the start of 2024, CSU Fort Collins members bargained their first State Entity Agreement for the campus.


El Contrato en Español

Lea el contrato aquí!